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Life Insurance is about transferring the risk of death, disability, illness, or long-term care, to the insurance company by purchasing a life insurance policy. The Term insurance is an economical product that is cheap on premium but significant on coverage. Term Life insurance is affordable, flexible, and easy to understand. It provides coverage that expires after a specific time or age, but the cost of insurance stays the same for the selected term. However, at the end of the term(period), the policy either renews at a higher premium for the next payment period or terminates if it is a non-renewal term.
Most Term policies come with an option to convert into permanent insurance, regardless of any change in health, occupation, or lifestyle of the insured person.

Why you need Term insurance:

  • Because you want an affordable life insurance coverage with guaranteed premiums for a specified term.

  • Because you want to provide future financial security to your loved ones.

  • Because you need to protect your lifestyle and an arrangement for debt liabilities such as Mortgages.

  • Because you want a policy that comes with a conversion option to provide for your permanent insurance need later in your life.

  • Because you are a business owner who is planning for your company’s succession or need to protect the business from losses in the event of sudden exit of your key employee.

Term policies are issued on a single-life or joint-life as joint first to die or joint last to die.

Will the coverage come to an end after the Term ends?

Most of the time, the policy is auto-renewed for the same period, unless the client makes any change. The auto-renewal may increase the premium due to the change in the age. 

But you always have the options.

  • Cancel your policy if you no longer need the coverage. 
  • Convert it into a long-term policy.
  • Get it converted into a permanent insurance policy.
  • Let it be renewed automatically. No Needles No Medicals Insurance

At, we provide our services to hard-to-insure people and those who need fast-life insurance coverage without Medicals. We specialize in Non-Medical life Insurance, Non-Medical Permanent Insurance and Non-Medical Critical Illness Insurance.
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