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International students who wish to take education in Canada must be insured for medical emergencies; thus, they must have health insurance.
Different provinces have different provisions for the coverage of international students under provincial programs. In provinces where there is no coverage for international students under the provincial health coverage programs, they have to purchase private health emergency insurance
The cost of treatment of health emergencies is too expensive; thus, it is highly recommended for international students to ensure that they have provincial or private health coverage.
The International Student Policies are very comprehensive, covering up to $2,000,000.
These policies cover stable preexisting health conditions.*

Some of the benefits covered under the plan:

  • Hospitalization: semi-private room and, if necessary, in ICUs*.

  • Diagnostic Services such as X-rays, MRI, CAT scans, Laboratory tests, sonograms, or ultrasound and biopsies subject to prior approval*

  • Prescriptions supply for a period stipulated in the Policy*.

  • Emergency Dental, if the damage is due to an accidental blow to the face*.

  • Licensed ground ambulance services or emergency air transportation to the nearest medical facility.

  • Maternity Coverage for complications related to pregnancy or childbirth. *

  • Repatriation or transportation of remains to the country of your origin or cremation/burial at the place of death.

  • Coverage for accidental death & dismemberment, such as coverage for loss of life, limb, or sight *.

Subject to the limits, terms and conditions and exclusions in the Policy.
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