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The expenses for preventive care or medical bills resulting from an injury or illness can cost you your savings and may upset your budget. Though the provincial health coverage plan covers many medical expenses, the gaps can burn a hole in your pocket.
Depending on the province you are living, you may have to pay for
  • Prescription drugs for treating severe health conditions.

  • Medical equipment such as Glucose monitors, Crutches.

  • Practitioners like Physiotherapists, Chiropractors, Massage therapists.

  • Some Dental and vision care.

The Personal Health Insurance may cover these expenses, depending upon the plan we choose.
Most of the Insurance companies are connected with the medical service providers, making it convenient for the client to get their expenses covered to the limit of the cover they choose.
Personal Health Insurance Plan can be bought as an individual plan, or you can cover members of your family, such as wife or children. Some Personal Health Insurance plans have Travel Insurance built into it.
Personal Health Insurance Plan is also beneficial for the people who just get retired and had group coverage from their work where they had their medical expenses covered. Mostly a specific period is permitted to the retirees to convert their group coverage into Personal Health Insurance after they retire.

Why You Should Have Personal Health Insurance

  • If you get injured and need rehabilitation therapies, you need the services of a physiotherapist, Chiropractor.

  • If ever you get diagnosed with a disease that requires expensive prescription drugs for the treatment.

  • You want to ensure that you can get reimbursed if you were to spend on your dental treatment or vision care.

  • You don’t want your savings to pay for your medical expenses if you ever get injured or fall sick

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