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Leaving an employer no longer means leaving your health and dental benefits behind.
From retiring or leaving a job to becoming an entrepreneur and starting your own business, we know it can interrupt your everyday health and wellness plan and cause unnecessary stress as you start a new adventure

Extended health care is designed to offer you comprehensive health and dental coverage, for you and your family, for expenses that are not covered by the provincial health plan when your group coverage ends.

The coverage includes day-to-day expenses like prescription drugs and visits to the chiropractor or physiotherapist, and also includes unexpected expenses like medical emergencies.
As long as clients apply within 90 days of their group health benefits ending, their acceptance is guaranteed upon receipt of premium payment – without any medical exam or questionnaire! (Applications submitted after the 90-day period will require full medical underwriting.)

Who is extended health insurance for?

  • Retirees

  • Individuals in between jobs

  • Clients starting their own business

  • Individuals on contract work

  • Individuals leaving spouse’s or parent’s plan.

Why You Should Have Personal Health Insurance

  • If you get injured and need rehabilitation therapies, you need the services of a physiotherapist, Chiropractor.

  • If ever you get diagnosed with a disease that requires expensive prescription drugs for the treatment.

  • You want to ensure that you can get reimbursed if you were to spend on your dental treatment or vision care.

  • You don’t want your savings to pay for your medical expenses if you ever get injured or fall sick

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