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With advancements in medical science, the rate of survival for people with critical illnesses such as cancer and cardiovascular disease has improved significantly.
The post-treatment recovery and rehabilitation may exhaust personal savings, impacting you and people close to you.
Critical illness insurance can give you a tax-free payment if you are diagnosed with a severe illness.

Why should you buy Critical Illness Insurance?

  • Because you won’t risk liquidating your assets to meet expenses for treatment and rehabilitation.

  • It can help reduce debt and take care of your expenses while you cope with your illness.

  • It can help you consider new medical treatments and medicines not covered by government or private health insurance plans.

  • It may replace any reduction or loss of income for your family member who may have to leave their work to care for you.

The Critical Illness plan comes with an option of return of premium on cancellation or return of premium on death.

Conditions covered in Critical illness insurance:

  • Alzheimer disease

  • Aortic Surgery

  • Aplastic Anemia

  • Bacterial Meningitis

  • Blindness

  • Benign brain tumor

  • Cancer

  • Coma

  • Coronary Artery bypass surgery

  • Deafness

  • Heart Attack

  • Heart Valve replacement

  • Kidney failure

  • loss of limbs

  • Loss of speech

  • Stroke

  • Severe Burns

  • Paralysis

  • Parkinson’s disease

  • Multiple Sclerosis

  • Occupational HIV Infection

  • Loss of independent existence

  • Major organ failure on the waiting list

  • Motor neuron disease

  • Major organ transplant

Additional Covered conditions for children

  • Cerebral palsy

  • Cystic fibrosis

  • Type 1 diabetes mellitus

  • Congenital heart disease

  • Muscular dystrophy No Needles No Medicals Insurance

At, we provide our services to hard-to-insure people and those who need fast-life insurance coverage without Medicals. We specialize in Non-Medical life Insurance, Non-Medical Permanent Insurance and Non-Medical Critical Illness Insurance.
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