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It may it be a leisure trip or a business tour, the Government health care plan has limited coverage outside your province or the country. An unexpected medical emergency that if occurs outside your province or country can cost you a fortune.

Your Travelers policy can take care of health emergencies, missing flights, lost or delayed luggage, stolen passport or travel documents, trip cancellation, or trip interruptions.

The Travel Insurance Policy Can Help You In Some Of The Following Ways:

  • Medical Assistance like Worldwide coverage for treatment, hospitalization, medication, hotel arrangement for convalescence.

  • Medical Evacuation or repatriation services such as emergency medical evacuation, transportation of someone to join you, return of traveling companion, repatriation of the mortal remains.

  • Legal Assistance

  • Travel and document assistance such as replacement of lost passport or other traveling documents.

  • Concierge services.

Travel Insurance companies provide emergency assistance 24 hours per day and 365 days per year.

Did You Know?

Without travel insurance, you are facing numbers like these on your own. Nobody wants to deal with medical bills and debt collectors after a trip!

  • The average cost in a US hospital is USD 10,000/day

  • If you get sick or injured outside of Canada, the government covers less than 10% of the total cost

  • A minor ear infection can cost thousands if you have to reschedule your flight.

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